The AutoStroke AST-100-2L is designed to increase efficiency of the ABX-2L in applications with plugged heat exchanger tubes.

The AutoStroke senses when a Banshee nozzle has hit a plug and activates an automatic forward and reverse pecking motion that allows the jets to effectively break through obstructions without operator intervention. This produces optimal cleaning and saves wear on your Banshee tools.


  • Quick install to your existing ABX-2L
  • Automated forward and reverse tool motion to clear obstructions
  • Adjustable sensitivity for changing job conditions
  • Adjustable retract distance allows nozzle to regain rotation
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Dimensions 11.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 in 351 x 320 x 229 cm
Weight 10 lb 4.5 kg
Umbilical Hose Length 25 ft 762 cm
Hose Force 0–60 lb 0–27 kg
Retract Time 0.05–1.1 sec

*Custom rail lengths available

AutoStroke exchanger cleaning accessory video

AutoStroke Overview

Automatic Blockage Sensor for Optimal Cleaning

By automatically retracting the Banshee tool from the blockage, the AST-100-2L allows the tool head to maintain maximum jet rotation to clear the blockage.