WGR Switcher

The new WGR Switcher is two tools in one. Switch between pulling or cleaning without removing the nozzle from the pipe. When the pump is idled down and brought back to pressure the tool will switch the water flow between two different sets of jets.

  • Save water and time by eliminating the extra runs needed to swap nozzles
  • Run more jobs with one tank of water
  • Switch to pulling jets for maximum thrust
  • Switch to cleaning jets maximize power for clearing debris and cutting roots
Tool Family Warthog Magnum
Tool Model WGR Switcher
Pipe Size 6-36 in. 76-914 cm
Pressure Range 1500–5k psi 100–350 bar
Flow Range 50-80 gpm 190-300 l/min
Inlet Connection 1 NPT or BSPP,
1 1/4 NPT or BSPP
Nozzle Ports Cleaning: 2 x 100°, 2 x 125°
Flushing: 4 x 155°
Diameter 4.5 in. 114 mm
Length 10.25 in. 260 mm
Weight 13 lb 5.9 kg

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Switch between two sets of jets right inside the pipe

The WGR Switcher does the job of two tools in one — switch between pulling and cleaning mode without changing nozzles.