Industrial Theory Podcast

Listen to Episode 1: Leadership and Technology in the Industrial Cleaning Industry

Guest: Jimmy Peck, General Manager of MPW Industrial Services, one of North America’s premier industrial cleaning and environmental services contractors. In 2003, Jimmy joined MPW Industrial Services in the role of Management Trainee, learning the business of industrial cleaning through hands-on, in-the-field experience for two years. In addition to his current role, Jimmy has held many different positions from Branch Manager, District Manager, General Counsel as well as President of Environmental Services.

Episode in a Tweet: How leadership, technology, training and the WJTA are changing the industrial cleaning industry.

Quick Background: Jimmy and I discuss how the industrial cleaning industry is changing with the adoption of automation and technology as well as how the WJTA is making an impact via its annual Conference and Expo held in New Orleans November 11th-13th.

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