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Listen to Episode 32: Asset Owners are Stepping Up to Advance Waterblasting Safety and Technology

Guest: Richard Bass is the Safety Supervisor at Kuraray EVAL, Chairperson for the Houston Business Roundtable, Chairperson of the Texas Chemical Council 2023 EHS Seminar, Texas Chemical Council Occupational Safety Committee Vice Chair, 2021 TCC Safety Professional of the Year, Vice Chair of the La Porte, Morgan’s Point and Shoreacres LEPC, consultant to the La Porte Plant Managers Network, Texas Safety Foundation board member, and a member of San Jacinto College CPET EHS advisory board.

Episode in a Tweet: “As safety professionals, we live off metrics. But we must remember that those metrics are real people.” Through the work of people like Richard Bass, this message is having an impact.

Quick Background: As the safety supervisor for Kuraray EVAL, Richard Bass talks with Kerry Siggins about the shift in asset owners to incorporate waterblasting and the desire to make positive impactful changes to affect not only revenues, but more importantly the safety of workers. He shares Kuraray’s journey to implement the WJTA’s hydroblasting certification throughout Kuraray and why he sees the relationship between asset owners, service providers, and OEMs. Richard also highlights the work the Houston Business Round Table has done to increase safety at plants across the Gulf Coast.

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