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Listen to Episode 5 - With a Focused Leader, Global Industrial Cleaning Safety Is Significantly Improving

Guest: Andreas Felske is Head of Waste Handling, Waste Disposal and Industrial Services at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Andreas has held many positions in his 30 years at BASF and eventually found himself as the director of occupational safety which launched him into his involvement with Deutscher Industrie-Reinigungs-Verband (DIRV), the newly formed German Industrial Cleaning Association. Andreas’ leadership and vision for industrial cleaning have been instrumental in not only Germany but throughout Europe. Andreas is also on the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition’s (GICC) steering committee and has been integral in the creation of the Seven Basic Principles of Safe Waterjetting.

Episode in a Tweet: Global industrial cleaning safety is significantly improving with leaders like Andreas paving the way in their companies and countries.

Quick Background: Andreas and Kerry discuss the large role Andreas is playing to make automation and training a standard in his company, in Germany and then the rest of the world through the GICC.

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