Industrial Theory Podcast

Listen to Episode 8 - How does the world of robotics fit into industrial cleaning?

Guest: Steve Trevino was introduced to technology and manufacturing early in his career working in asset integrity and rotating equipment. He slowly evolved into hazardous environment applications and now uses his passion for technology as the Program Manager at Sprint Robotics.

Episode in a Tweet: How does the world of robotics fit into industrial cleaning and what are the best ways for asset owners and contractors to incorporate smart technologies into cleaning efficiencies? Listen to learn how.

Quick Background: Sprint Robotics is an industry-driven initiative that promotes the development, availability and application of robotics techniques in industrial cleaning. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between asset owners and technology developments to provide more transparency, access and opportunities to use robotics to eliminates unnecessary dangers, confined space cleaning and cut down on the red-tape needed when placing a human in a situation a robot can do.

Sprint is hosting the Cleaning and Fabric Maintenance (CFM) Challenge that is “seeking adaptable and demonstrable robotic solutions that can be used for the Cleaning & Fabric Maintenance of capital-intensive infrastructure.” Participants can submit solutions to five categories ranging from cleaning crude storage tanks to inspecting and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure. Visit here to learn more about the challenge.

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