ABX-2L positioner thumb
ABX-2L positioner thumb
ABX-2L positioner for exchanger cleaning thumb
ABX-2L positioner for exchanger cleaning thumb

Formerly known as the ProPositioner, the Compass is an indexing device for single-lance tube cleaning with AutoBox ABX-PRO (ProDrive). The system is engineered to mount to an exchanger face with a single point of contact and will articulate in a radial motion from its connecting point to clean all the tubes around the face.

Designed for quick set-up, the Compass delivers accurate tube-to-tube positioning in horizontal, vertical, and enclosed heat exchanger bundles, offering portability and versatility at a cost-effective price.


  • Lightweight, compact and portable — all components weight under 35 lbs (16 kg)
  • Quick set-up with a single attachment point, push-to-connect hoses, and quick clamps
  • Ideal for cleaning small exchangers, 40k psi (2800 bar) flex lance work or reactor cleaning
  • Optional Confined Space Kit adapts the Compass for remote cleaning inside enclosed bundles (formely PROP-DPB)

Compatible with:

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Tool Family Compass
Weight, assembled 76.5 lb 34.7 kg
Usable Exchanger Diameter Range Inches: 60, 69 , 84 or 96 with rail extension Millimeters: 1524, 1753, 2134 or 2438 with rail extension
Input power requirements (camera system) 100-240V AC 1.8A

Ultra-portable positioning and accurate indexing for single-lance tube cleaning

The Compass is an automated indexing device designed for portability and versatility at an entry level price