StoneAge automated floor cleaner thumb
StoneAge automated floor cleaner thumb

Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaners perform a wide range of functions including cleaning paint markings and degreasing surfaces, as well as removing coatings, contaminants, and membranes. They are also powerful enough to scarify concrete.


  • Adjustable rotation speeds – longer dwell time for heavier deposits or shorter for lighter deposits
  • Easy height adjustment adapts standoff distance to surface conditions
  • Wide jet path cleans large areas quickly
  • Optional vacuum system recovers water and material from work area


  • Cleaning garages, parking lots, and other flat surfaces effectively and safely
  • Removing coatings, contaminants, and membranes
  • Cleaning tank and pit floors
  • Concrete scarification
No longer available - contact custom solutions
Tool Model FCSV, FCSG
Pressure Range 2-22k psi 138-1500 bar
Flow Range Up to 28 gpm 106 l/min
Rotation Speed 300–1000 rpm
Jet Path 24 in. 610 mm
Height Range 1–5 in. 26–127 mm
Weight 255 lb 116 kg

Self-Rotary Surface Cleaning

Powerful enough to scarify concrete, walk-behind floor cleaners clean, degrease, decontaminate, and prep surfaces for recoating.