Torus positioning booms for tank cleaning thumb
Torus positioning booms for tank cleaning thumb

Positioning Booms

Large tanks and vessels can be among the most difficult cleaning challenges due to their size, limited access and internal geometries. StoneAge offers several positioning booms that keep the operator out of the tank.

Positioners provide up to 19 ft (5.8 m) of reach for the Torus 3-D tank cleaner in addition to tilt and rotation adjustments. Intended for vertical or near vertical applications.


  • Easily adjustable extension/retraction lengths means the cleaning nozzle can be extended (or retracted) to a variety of insertion depths for better cleaning coverage
  • 24 in. (61 cm) aluminum mounting plate secures to the vessel during cleaning operation, increasing operator safety
  • Inspection hatch allows for line of sight placement of cleaning head and can be used to check cleaning progress
  • Portable and easy to set up; no special tools required to position head
  • Optional Control Box offers convenient controls for vertical positioning and linear speed

Compatible with:

TR130 TR200
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Maximum Pressure 22k psi 1500 bar
Maximum Flow 200 gpm 757 l/min
Extended Length Up to 19 ft 5.8 m
Weight 80-130 lbs 37-59 kg
Maximum Water Temp. 170 °F 77 °C

Positioning booms for more productive vessel cleaning

Several types of positioners for 3-D tools allow you to place the tool closer to the surface to be cleaned and position the tool away from obstructions.