Tracked Striker

The Tracked Striker adds mobile positioning, wireless control, and increased thrust to the Striker system for safe, high powered automated surface cleaning. Wireless remote control gives the operator complete freedom of movement to maintain line of sight while enabling precision control of the shotgun nozzle from safely outside the blast zone. The steerable tracked base allows for continuous cleaning without needing to stop for repositioning, making the Tracked Striker the ideal solution for pad work.


  • Highly versatile system – enables safe, precise shotgun cleaning on blast pads, walkways and platforms, inside vessels, boilers and other difficult to access locations
  • Remotely steerable tracked base allows for continuous cleaning without needing to stop for repositioning
  • Wireless controller allows freedom of movement and continuous line of sight
  • Modular design – adapts to a wide range of applications with interchangeable base options and plug-and-play accessories
  • Full shotgun wrist articulation – rotation and flex allows for precise positioning of shotgun jets to clean intricate surfaces
  • All the capability of complicated, expensive robotic systems at half the price
  • CE Certified
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Tool Family Striker
Tool Model SKR-TRK
Cleaning Window Dimensions* 66 in. H x 84 in. W x 54 in. D 1676 x 2134 x 1372 mm
Operating Pressure 22k or 40k psi 1500 or 2800 bar
Reaction Force Up to 100 lb 45 kg
Air Supply Pressure 80–125 psi 0.70–0.86 MPa
Footprint Dimensions 34.5 in. W x 44 in. L 876 mm x 1118 mm
Weight, Assembled 570 lbs 259 kg
Control Box Weight 6 lbs 2.7 kg
Operational Temperature -20–140° F -29–60° C

*Unlimited X/Z dimensions when using tracks

Striker - Tracked Base

Striker - Strandard Base

Lightweight Striker

Striker vs. Watermelon

Hands Free Waterblasting for Surface Praparation

The Striker combines a rotary shotgun arm and positioning system for safe, accurate hands-free shotgunning.