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The AutoBox ABX-PRO is a hose feed tractor engineered with safety, portability and quick set-up in mind. This versatile device is designed with multiple mounting options and accessories to adapt it for a wide variety of pipe, drain and tube cleaning applications.

The ABX-PRO is the perfect tool for limited access applications and includes a lightweight control box for increased safety and mobility.


  • Comes standard with mounting options for safe pipe cleaning “out of the box”
  • Accommodates multiple hose sizes
  • Built-in backout preventer and splash guard for operator safety
  • Adjustable forward and reverse feed rates maintain optimal dwell time
  • Multiple mounting options for pipes with or without a flange
  • Lightweight, ergonomic control box operates all features from outside the blast zone
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Tool Family AutoBox
Tool Model ABX-PRO
Pipe Size 2-8 in. 51–203 mm
Feed Rate 0.2-2.5 ft/sec 61-762 mm/sec
Hose Size 3/2–8/4, 3/8 Rubber Covered
Drive Weight 25 lb 11.3 kg
Drive Dimensions 7 x 9.25 x 10 in. 178 x 235 x 254 mm

ABX-PRO Overview

Automated Hose Feed for Pipe Cleaning

Lightweight and portable, the ABX-PRO is the perfect tool for limited access pipe cleaning applications.