Air Knife

The Air Knife is an accessory for AutoBox ABX-2L and ABX-3L tractors designed to improve hose traction in oily, greasy, or sticky applications. The Air Knife sits between the tube face and the AutoBox, blowing a continuous “blade” of pressurized air across the hoses before they are retracted back into the tractor. In this way, effluent is kept out of the equipment, preventing performance issues and increasing component life.


  • Removes contamination on hoses, improving hose traction and allowing the tractor to be run at lower clamp pressures
  • Offers great value for reducing operator cleaning time roller/belt wear in oily or slippery applications
  • Quick and simple to install, no wear items

Compatible with:

2L 3L
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Tool Model AK-2L, AK-3L
Assembly Weight (with Hoses) 13.65 lb 6.19 kg
Assembly Size 5.2 x 6.0 x 5.1 in. 132 x 152 x 130 mm
Minimum Air Supply Pressure 90 psi 0.62 MPa
Nominal Air Supply Pressure 100 psi 0.69 MPa
Maximum Air Supply Pressure 125 psi 0.86 MPa
Nominal Air Supply Volume 5 CFM at 100 PSI 8.5 m3/h at 0.69 MPa
Optimal Operational Temperature* 40—140° F 4—60° C

*Use a dessicant air dryer if operating below 40° F (4° C) to avoid freezing the manifold

Air Knife Overview

Improved hose traction in oily or slippery tube cleaning applications

The Air Knife offers great value for reducing operator cleaning time and roller/belt wear in oily or slippery applications.