SpinCat Downhole Wash Tools
StoneAge SpinCat Downhole Tools

A durable controlled rotation solution for well intervention

A viscous fluid governor controls rotation speed to maximize jet power delivered to the tubing walls. By using only a few rotating jets, each jet is bigger to convey hard-hitting power. Replaceable jets are efficient and clean recesses and irregular surfaces without damaging the well pipe. Over thirty years of waterjet engineering back the StoneAge SpinCat design, setting the standard for rotary nozzle performance and durability.

How it works

The StoneAge SpinCat is an extremely durable self-rotating nozzle for well service applications. The powerful rotating jet design is engineered to maximize the limited hydraulic horsepower available to the BHA at the end of a long CT or workstring. Jet reaction force powers rotation of the head and an internal centrifugal speed control mechanism maintains rotation speeds.


The standard nozzle head has five ports with 1/8 NPT threads — one at 15 degrees forward, two at 45 degrees forward, and two at 90 degrees to the axis of rotation. Some of the ports may be plugged in a balanced pattern to concentrate the flow in a particular direction. Fit-for-purpose head and porting designs are available to accommodate specific flow rates and applications.


StoneAge SpinCat tools have a straight flow-through design with a leak-free high pressure seal, so pump power is not wasted. The tools can be used at temperatures up to 200°C, with up to 30% HCL and Nitrogen injection.

Hard-Hitting Cleaning Power

Cut through paraffin, asphaltine, hydrates, calcium carbonate, barium sulphate or mineral scale with ease.

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