Sentinel delivers on the promise of truly automated exchanger tube cleaning.

Sentinel technology integrates with AutoBox tractors and positioning systems to fully automate lance driving for increased productivity and repeatable results.


  1. Quick to set up and adaptable for exchangers of all sizes
  2. Smart sensors detect blockages, increase tool life, and prevent lance damage
  3. Job data reports provide performance metrics and enable accurate job planning
  4. Dedicated safety systems protect the user and equipment

Available in our rental fleet!

Contact your local branch office to inquire about renting an ABXS-3L powered with Sentinel Automation Technology for your next job.

Key Components


Sensing technology integrated into field proven flex lance tractor
  • Automatically feeds lances
  • User-adjustable speeds for optimal cleaning
  • Tracks lance position in the tube
  • Detects and clears blockages

Power Management

Centralized PowerHub for electric-air conversion
  • Seamlessly drives air motors in the tractor and positioner
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Compatible with all pumps

Lightweight Positioner

Simple & proven X-Y positioning with sensor integration
  • Accurate auto-indexing in any condition
  • Fast & easy setup
  • Custom rail lengths to fit any exchanger

Control Redefined

A new standard for waterblast equipment control systems
  • Designed to withstand harsh job conditions
  • Ergonomic intuitive control for operators wearing PPE
  • Collects job performance data